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Oct 9, 2012 3:00pm PDT
to your local board of election. help the president tonight. >>> catherine, let me ask you a question secretary of state john husted said about last week's court decision quote -- the court is saying that all voters must be treated the same way until ohio law, but also grants ohio's 88 election boards the authority to establish how any court can consider this a remedy is stunning. now, he's saying this as his basis to appeal to the supreme court, yet clearly in the 2000 election, it showed how early voting was very crucial. 93,000 ohioans voted in the final three days of early voting in 2008. he wants that cut out this time in fact cut it out and the appeals court reversed him on it. tell me the legal interpretation you get from there. >> there's a lot of latitude in operating the functions of offices around the state, but when you were talking about the fundamental right, equal protection, equal access to the ballot that's what the court says you cannot abuse. the sixth circuit that made this decision is made up of 16 active justices, ten of them are republican
Oct 30, 2012 3:00pm PDT
it to work. the romney campaign is counting on the fact that at the local level, the local news media that's covering -- that a lot of people are getting their day-to-day political news from, isn't going to call him on it and that the national immediate, yeah the sort of big overarching immediate, yeah shows like this and cable, his core supporters don't trust main stream media anyway so it doesn't matter what he says. he's literally trying to run a campaign unlike anything identify seen in my life, which is he can tailor his message to the market that confronted him at that moment. by doing that, he can win voters just in that moment and not worry about whether or not it contradicts his past positions. >> well, it's an amazing attempt. we'll see. steve kornacki and joy reed, thanks for your time tonight. catch steve on "the cycle" weekdays at 3 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. >>> coming up, is mitt romney lying about jobs in ohio? yes, lying. we'll look at the facts. tonight the obama campaign is hitting back. >> they put out a statement today saying it was the biggest load of bull in t
Oct 8, 2012 3:00pm PDT
efforts have been to send letters to local election offices challenging people's addresses. then mainly zero in on students, african-american, people who would normally vote democratic. they also zero in on hispanics and what they are doing is challenging legitimate voters. as a matter of fact, just this morning, reverend sharpton in the supermarket, i ran into a lady 74 years old who has been voting from the same address for 50 years and now suddenly she's being challenged. and that -- not only do they do these kinds of efforts but the same kind of efforts that you talked to us about earlier, that is intimidating people at the polls. they claim that they are guarding the vote. we know that it's more than that. it's clearly a case of voter suppression. we are a better nation than that. >> they are backed by the tea party, they've sued states for not purging voter rolls and they plan to train one million poll watchers by election day. >> with the sole intent of intimidating people. people should not have to go to a voting place, reverend sharpton, in fear and to be addressed. and then ba
Oct 15, 2012 3:00pm PDT
away your deduction for state and local taxes. look what they have done on medicare. they said current senior wouldn't be hurt. they would pay $600 more a year for prescription drugs. and people nearing retirement would pay up to $6,000 more a year for medicare. they just bold-face lie about it and hope that they can get away with it. chris did what he was supposed to do. he pushed in, asked a tough question, and got ed gillespie to admit there wasn't much there. >> joan, tomorrow night is the big second debate. because of the first debate there's a lot more riding on this than usually in a second debate for president. new details on how team obama's approaching the debate. one says a new obama memo debunking the claims in advance. and nbc reports the president will bring up the 47% comments at tomorrow's debate. what do you think? >> well, i'm happy to hear that. i think we all know that the president was not as sharp as he needed to be, including this tax plan, includes these tax details. he's got to hammer him on the deceptions and i think we also have to remember that a fighting ba
Oct 19, 2012 3:00pm PDT
the quality of our lives. that means transportation, health care, local law enforcement, they all get reduced so he can do two things, one, provide tax cuts for wealthier people. they may not seem that big to the wealthy but they will to the rest of the country. two, spend a couple trillion more on the military. people should not let him get away with that. president obama is working to reduce the military, the war in iraq is over, war in afghanistan is phasing down. let's keep giving them as much money as they used to have and we'll find some other use for it. the only way you do that is to impinge on medicare, cut out environmental protection and delay any infrastructure. >> all right, chairman barney frank, thank you for your time tonight. let's go back to e.j. e.j., do you think that we're beginning to see -- when we see these poll numbers that are moving in some of the swing states with the president, do you think we're beginning to see that mr. romney's potential support in some of the areas that have been hard hit that are now recovering when he was using the rationale of the economy t
Oct 29, 2012 3:00pm PDT
a lead. remember, states do take the lead in these situations and local responders. but he's saying even beyond that that the private sector should be one that there's a morality question here. it's about debt. it's not about first response. you know, that kind of ideological pandering will come back to haunt him won we get through the initial stages of this disaster. there are real policy questions that he broached in that republican primary trying to pand pander conservative voters that doesn't sit well in the election. >> cynthia, governor romney's campaign issued a statement walking back those fema comment. i'm quoting, governor romney believes that the states should be involved in other natural disasters in their jurs decks. as the first responders, states are in the best position to aid affected individuals and communities and direct resources and assistance to where they are needed. this includes help from the federal government and fema. suddenly mr. romney loves fema. doesn't sound like he wants to privatize it today. >> well, of course he's trying to walk that back because this
Oct 31, 2012 3:00pm PDT
of the donations. campaign aides went to a local walmart and spent $5,000 on granola bars, diapers to put on display, all to make romney look like a leader who can inspire. plus, he said, that when teenage boys showed up empty handed, they retrieved the peanut butter each and got in line. when it was their turn, they handed their donations to romney and smiled and offered an earnest "thank you." today we also learned that paul ryan's staff went out of their way to stage manager storm photo op at a donation center in wisconsin. plus, he says, quote, the packing was proceeding too quickly and the supporters were given the order to slow down and then to stop to be sure that there was still goods to be packed when ryan entered. when ryan entered? another staged event just like his fiasco at the soup kitchen? earlier this month, paul ryan went to an empty soup kitchen to wash two products that had already been left there for him to clean. empty gestures, photo ops, petty politics. and once again today, mitt romney not answering questions about whether he still wants to privatize fema and cut f
Oct 2, 2012 3:00pm PDT
attacked by state and local police. forces that had gathered with billy clubs and tear gas. marchers were left bloodied and severely beaten. but that didn't stop them. dr. martin luther king jr. and thousands marched from selma to montgomery demanding equal voting rights. i retraced those historic steps and that march earlier this year, because we're fighting the same
Oct 4, 2012 3:00pm PDT
of these deductions, what about home interest mortgage, what about state and local taxes? i mean, that would be a massive body blow to the middle class families of this country. >> let me say i'm very glad you played that clip from president bush for the following reason. we talk about something where i work at the center on budget called the tax reform trap. and here's how it goes. a candidate says i'm going to lower the tax rates but i'm going to broaden the tax base. what you get is lower rates, you get a lot of the former, you get very little of the latter. because like bob says, once you start going into how you're going to broaden the base, then it's don't look at me, look at the other guy. so the danger of this tax reform trap that governor romney is trying to sell right now is that you're going to end up with massively lower tax rates and you're not going to broaden the base much at all such that you'll have an explosive budget deficit, it's very much what we saw in the bush supply side trickle down years. >> bob, debatess left. the vice presidential debate, the town hall presidentia
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)